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Winterization Tips You Can’t Miss

Here are 10 winterization tips that I hope will help you and your home. You definitely wouldn’t want to be wasting energy, spending time fixing or paying extra money to a contractor for problems that could have been avoided. You know things can get real nasty December through March when its freezing cold. I get it, we as humans are reactive not proactive but that’s the whole reason articles and blogs are being written as we speak.

  1. If you have a regular hose bib outside, consider having it replaced with a frost-free spigot. The last thing you want is a burst pipe in a minus degree weather.
  2. Have your furnace serviced soon by a specialist so you know if something is close to breaking down. Also don’t forget to purchase a handful of filters, that way you avoid extra trips to the hardware store.
  3. Hire a specialist to have your gutters clean and avoid some nasty icicles.
  4. Buy plenty of salt bags and get some sturdy, comfortable shovels so you don’t hurt your back while shoveling or slip if you run out of salt!
  5. Check your entry and exit door weather strips and have them replaced if you notice they are drafty.
  6. Have your entire duct system cleaned. Stagnant, polluted air is not good to breathe and makes us sluggish.
  7. Schedule an air quality survey as you will be spending a couple months stuck at home. One thing you want to know for sure is if the indoor air you are breathing is within healthy limits. Poor quality air can lead to feeling tired most of the day and in some cases to health issues.
  8. Insulate your attic access. Not having this section insulated simply allows temperature to escape.

  9. Add more insulation in attic or unfinished areas. This will definitely be more expensive, but it will pay off in the long run.
  10. Make sure your smoke detectors are working and add more if needed. Add one in the garage too if you ask me.

Congrats, you made to the end and it’s time to get things going! Winter is harsh but is also a great time to sit back, relax, enjoy the couch and watch new TV shows.

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