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Commercial Building Inspections – Protect Your Investments


CH Inspections is proud to provide thorough commercial property inspections to Des Plaines and the surrounding communities.

Whether you’re a business owner or a potential buyer, safeguarding your investments is of the utmost importance. Our comprehensive commercial building inspections are designed to provide you with the insights you need to make smart real estate decisions.

Meet Our Commercial Building Inspectors

Our commercial building inspectors are InterNACHI-certified and always adhere to the latest Illinois Standards of Practice (ISOP).

The team has years of experience working within the construction and inspection industries. They possess an in-depth understanding of commercial structures, vital systems, and safety standards. When you choose CH Inspections, you can feel confident in the safety, functionality, and value of your commercial property.

How Long Does a Commercial Building Inspection Take?

The duration of a commercial inspection will vary depending on the size, complexity, and condition of the property. On average, a commercial building inspection typically takes between 2 to 4 hours to complete.

The inspection process may be longer for larger or more intricate commercial properties. If you have any questions about the process, our team would be happy to address your concerns.

What’s Involved in a Commercial Property Inspection?

Our commercial property inspections are designed to cover every vital system within the building. These include:

  • Electrical systems
  • HVAC systems
  • Ventilation
  • Plumbing systems
  • Safety features
  • Building code compliance
  • Roof components
  • Exterior components
  • Appearance of mold, water damage, or pests
  • Structural integrity

Our ultimate goal is to uncover any existing issues and any areas that have a potential for future problems. Once we finish our assessment, we’ll put together a detailed report outlining all of our findings.

Our Commercial Building Inspection Services

At CH Inspections, we’re proud to provide commercial inspections for all situations. Whether you’re looking to purchase a new commercial space, or to pinpoint the value and condition of your existing property, we have you covered.

Pre-Purchase Commercial Building Inspections

For potential buyers or investors looking to assess the condition of a commercial property before purchase.

Owned Commercial Property Reports

For business owners or property managers seeking to ensure the safety and condition of their commercial property.

Schedule an Inspection For Your Commercial Building

Don’t wait to safeguard your commercial investments. Schedule a comprehensive commercial building inspection with the experts at CH Inspections. We look forward to serving you!

Major Systems We Inspect

Exterior and Roof

Exterior: Siding, windows, doors, trim, walks, driveways, patios, deck, balconies, and yard drainage

Roof: Roofing materials, chimney, flashing, roof structure, gutters, and vents


Basement: Walls, floor, framing, sump pump(s), structural elements, and presence of moisture or water damage

Crawlspace: Walls, drainage, vapor barrier, insulation, ventilation, and structural elements


Age, type, condition, controls, efficiency, components, and gas leaks


Age, type, condition, and operation (weather permitting)

Electrical System

Electric service panels, distribution panels, service entrance conductors, outlets, and safety devices


Piping type, condition, delivery method, water heater, waste system type, fixture condition, and leak detection


Type, condition, and operation


Insulation, ventilation, roof structure, and presence of moisture or water damage


Windows, doors, walls, and ceilings

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Client Testimonials

I really appreciated how open they were to letting me ask questions throughout the inspection, and gave me alot to think about as I go with the closing process. Would definitely use them again!

Cesar P.


Julio was excellent!! He did a very thorough inspection and identified some problems we would never have seen but that could have cost us thousands or more to address! Very professional.

Mike P.


I can always expect thorough inspections from Julio. Always on time and extremely informative!

James Lee


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