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Welcome to CH Inspections, your trusted partner for professional radon testing in Des Plaines, IL. We specialize in providing accurate, reliable radon testing services, ensuring the safety and well-being of your home and workplace. With CH Inspections, you can rest assured that your property is in good hands.

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Understanding Radon

Radon is a colorless, odorless gas found naturally in the environment. It’s a radioactive gas produced from the decay of uranium in soil, and it can enter buildings through cracks in the foundation. Long-term radon exposure is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. Understanding radon levels in your property is vital for the health and safety of your home or business.

What is a Radon Test?

A radon test is a process where a technician measures the level of radon in your property. Using specialized equipment, air or dust samples are collected over a specific period. These samples are then analyzed to determine the radon concentration. The results will inform you on next steps to ensure a safe living or working environment.

Reasons to Use Our Radon Testing Service

Before Buying or Selling Property

Whether you’re buying a new home or selling your property, radon testing is crucial. It ensures the safety of the structure and can significantly impact property value. Our thorough testing gives buyers confidence and sellers a competitive edge in the market.

The Safety of Your Family

Radon exposure at home can pose serious health risks. Our radon test home inspection identifies even trace amounts of radon, allowing you to take the steps you need to protect your family. Our home inspectors ensure your home remains a safe haven for your loved ones.

Commercial Radon Testing

Radon risks aren’t limited to homes. Workplaces and commercial buildings in Des Plaines are equally vulnerable. Our commercial radon testing service is designed to protect employees, clients, and your business reputation. We provide comprehensive testing and solutions tailored to commercial properties.

Our Radon Testing Service

CH Inspections is proud to offer radon testing services to Des Plaines and the surrounding communities. Our skilled professionals utilize advanced testing methods, including continuous radon monitors and charcoal canisters, to accurately assess radon levels.

We prioritize precision and efficiency in our testing process, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily life while delivering reliable results. Following testing, we provide a detailed report of our findings. Our radon testing results include the levels of radon detected, solutions for reducing radon levels, and safety recommendations.

Illinois Testing Requirements

In Illinois, radon testing is more than a safety measure; it’s a legal requirement in certain scenarios. State laws, like the Illinois Real Property Disclosure Act, mandate that known radon levels must be shared with the buyer if the property has been tested. Additionally, schools and childcare facilities must test for radon on a regular basis. Your radon testing specialist understands Illinois radon regulations, ensuring compliance with state requirements.

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Don’t wait to ensure the safety of your property. Schedule your radon test, mold test, or air quality survey with CH Inspections today. Our straightforward scheduling process and prompt service make the process fast and easy. Protect your family, employees, and investments with our expert radon testing services.

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Major Systems We Inspect

Exterior and Roof

Exterior: Siding, windows, doors, trim, walks, driveways, patios, deck, balconies, and yard drainage

Roof: Roofing materials, chimney, flashing, roof structure, gutters, and vents


Basement: Walls, floor, framing, sump pump(s), structural elements, and presence of moisture or water damage

Crawlspace: Walls, drainage, vapor barrier, insulation, ventilation, and structural elements


Age, type, condition, controls, efficiency, components, and gas leaks


Age, type, condition, and operation (weather permitting)

Electrical System

Electric service panels, distribution panels, service entrance conductors, outlets, and safety devices


Piping type, condition, delivery method, water heater, waste system type, fixture condition, and leak detection


Type, condition, and operation


Insulation, ventilation, roof structure, and presence of moisture or water damage


Windows, doors, walls, and ceilings

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Client Testimonials

I really appreciated how open they were to letting me ask questions throughout the inspection, and gave me alot to think about as I go with the closing process. Would definitely use them again!

Cesar P.


Julio was excellent!! He did a very thorough inspection and identified some problems we would never have seen but that could have cost us thousands or more to address! Very professional.

Mike P.


I can always expect thorough inspections from Julio. Always on time and extremely informative!

James Lee


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