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What is thermal imaging and why do I need it?

Thermal imaging is a simple but effective method of measuring surface temperatures; it is not an X-ray and does not allow you to see through walls. Why do you need it then? The thermal imaging camera allows the skillful and trained inspector to see areas of heat discrepancies not visible to the naked eye which can be indicative of moisture intrusion or other anomalies. We believe every home owner should be aware of unwanted intruders such as water, critters etc. behind their walls.

We are not the kind of home inspectors that show up to the property turn on the infrared camera and begin to walk around pretending to know how to use this instrument. There are many inspectors out there who have not undergone proper training and this can greatly affect the integrity of the home inspection. It’s sort of like asking a pharmacist to perform your annual physical. Do not risk your home and safety to amateurs as it will cost you in the long run.

We are trained and certified, and can prove it. We have gone through rigorous training with the industry’s best course materials and this is what sets us apart from the competition. Understanding how to utilize the infrared camera requires understanding of building science. These cameras not only require making objective observations, but it also requires making connections between what we know about the building structure and what the camera is displaying on the screen. The camera is not the one finding moisture intrusion, the inspector does. The camera can’t detect moisture, nor does it guarantee that an anomaly indicates that water intrusion is present. It is simply an instrument to be controlled and utilized by a qualified professional in order for it to serve our purpose.

Thermal imaging is an integral part of our standard inspection because it gives you a step up in your understanding of the property in which you are about to invest emotions, money and the family’s future. Our standards are high and so should be yours.

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