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Welcome to CH Inspections, your trusted partner for water quality testing in Des Plaines, IL. We understand the importance of having safe, clean, and pure water in your household, and we have the tools to detect even the smallest trace of contamination.

Our comprehensive water testing service is designed to address your specific needs and concerns. Whether you’re looking to protect your family’s health, protect your plumbing system, or simply meet compliance with environmental standards, CH Inspections has you covered.

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Are You Worried About Your Family’s Health?

Protect Your Loved Ones with Comprehensive Water Testing

Ensuring the safety and health of your family starts with the quality of your home’s drinking water supply. Our water quality testing services are designed to detect harmful contaminants like lead, arsenic, bacteria, and nitrates.

Our thorough testing methods provide accurate results, giving you peace of mind that your home’s water is safe to drink. Protect your loved ones from potential health hazards with our full suite of testing services, including water testing, mold testing, and air quality services.

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Fed Up with Poor Water Quality in Your Home?

Improve Your Water Quality with Professional Analysis

Don’t let bad tastes, odors, or water stains ruin the experience of your home. Our specialized home water quality testing not only ensures the safety of your water but also identifies secondary issues like mineral deposits, sulfur, and hard water.

We don’t just test your home’s water quality, we provide you with a detailed analysis and solutions for moving forward. Our team is here to help you restore the natural taste and purity of your water.

Own a Home with a Private Well?

Meet Environmental Standards with Our Specialized Testing Services

For Des Plaines homeowners with private wells, it’s important to comply with the environmental guidelines set by the government. Our water testing services are designed to meet EPA recommendations, ensuring your water source remains safe and environmentally friendly.

Our water testing lets you stay ahead of regulatory requirements while protecting the local ecosystem. Call (312) 869-4629 to schedule a water test with CH Inspections.

Meet Your Trusted Water Quality Testing Company

At CH Inspections, we’re committed to delivering unparalleled testing services for our neighbors in the Des Plaines area. Our goal is to ensure that every drop of water in your home is safe, clean, and compliant with environmental standards. As a family-owned company, keeping your family safe isn’t just a job, it’s our promise to you.

Don’t wait until water quality issues begin to affect your life. Contact CH Inspections today for a thorough and professional water quality assessment. Your safety is our priority!


What Should I Expect During the Water Testing Process?

Our Des Plaines water testing process is straightforward and efficient. Our technicians will collect water samples from various points in your home and perform detailed analyses. After we’ve performed our tests, you’ll receive a comprehensive water quality report. We’ll also include recommendations for water treatment, water filters, or other corrective actions.

How Can I Tell If My Water Has Harmful Contaminants?

Some signs of contaminated water include unusual tastes, odors, discoloration, or staining on water fixtures and laundered clothing. However, other potential contaminants are not easily detectable by taste or smell. Our professional testing equipment can identify a wide range of hidden contaminants, ensuring your water’s safety.

Is Regular Water Testing Necessary for My Home?

Regular water testing is recommended for Des Plaines homes, especially for those with older plumbing systems or those using private wells. An annual test is generally sufficient for most homes, but more frequent testing might be necessary if you notice changes in your water quality.

Major Systems We Inspect

Exterior and Roof

Exterior: Siding, windows, doors, trim, walks, driveways, patios, deck, balconies, and yard drainage

Roof: Roofing materials, chimney, flashing, roof structure, gutters, and vents


Basement: Walls, floor, framing, sump pump(s), structural elements, and presence of moisture or water damage

Crawlspace: Walls, drainage, vapor barrier, insulation, ventilation, and structural elements


Age, type, condition, controls, efficiency, components, and gas leaks


Age, type, condition, and operation (weather permitting)

Electrical System

Electric service panels, distribution panels, service entrance conductors, outlets, and safety devices


Piping type, condition, delivery method, water heater, waste system type, fixture condition, and leak detection


Type, condition, and operation


Insulation, ventilation, roof structure, and presence of moisture or water damage


Windows, doors, walls, and ceilings

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Client Testimonials

I really appreciated how open they were to letting me ask questions throughout the inspection, and gave me alot to think about as I go with the closing process. Would definitely use them again!

Cesar P.


Julio was excellent!! He did a very thorough inspection and identified some problems we would never have seen but that could have cost us thousands or more to address! Very professional.

Mike P.


I can always expect thorough inspections from Julio. Always on time and extremely informative!

James Lee


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